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Duna House IPO deadline extended

The CEO of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) extended the deadline for submitting the application for the commencement of trading in Duna House’s shares to June 30, Duna House said on the BSE website yesterday.

Screen capture of the companyʼs website.

Duna House requested the extension of the deadline and the BSE accepted the arguments of the company as they were “deemed to deserve exceptional consideration”.

Duna House may apply for the commencement of trading in its shares by the deadline in a separate procedure, provided it complies with the additional requirements defined in the stock market regulations.

Duna House launched its IPO on November 9, 2015 and had planned to offer up to one million of its 3.06 million shares at a maximum price of HUF 4,250. On November 20 the company declared the IPO unsuccessful as it failed to sell the required minimum of 180,000 shares.