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DUIHK Hands Over Vocational Awards for 5th Time

The German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK or AHK Ungarn) awarded its Vocational Training Prize on March 8 for the fifth time, selecting two companies and a vocational school in three categories, from 39 applicants.

The jury, winners and nominees for the DUIHK Vocational Training Prize.

Penta Unió Zrt. Pécs’ project won the “Innovation” category for an application used in vocational training for bookkeepers and accountants. MuzixGroup Kereskedelmi Szolgáltató Kft. was scooped the “Cooperation” category for its project entitled “The Rise of Interest in Robotics – or are Robots Already in the Pantry?”

In the “Motivation” category, Győr’s SzC Lukács Sándor Mechatronics and Engineering Grammar School, Secondary School and College was named for a project called “Challenging Learning”. 

Two special awards were also made. Bordodnádasd’s Farkas Elek (Rotekom) was nominated for its “Virtual Evaporation” project, as was Gödöllő’s National Association of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Distributors (Megfosz) for its “Become a Field Engineer Program and Field Machine Parts Game”.

The awards were presented by Mihály Varga, Hungary’s Minister for National Economy, Dale A. Martin, the president of DUIHK (and president & CEO of Siemens Zrt.), and Tamás Bihall vice president of vocational training at the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Like the German dual vocational training system, we would like to achieve that even closer links are formed between vocational training and companies,” Varga said at the presentation of the prizes. He added that the Hungarian vocational training system needs as many training companies as possible, and noted that the government’s goal is to increase the number of such training places by 40% by 2022. “Training is clearly one of the most important tools to alleviate the shortage of professionals,” Martin pointed out. “As such, not only vocational training should be considered, but also corporate training and higher education,” he added.

Martin also noted that the DUIHK supports the mitigation of labor shortages in other areas. As such, he mentioned the “Techgirls” series of events in adult education, which seeks to attract young girls across cities in Hungary to a technical career and also the “Reliable Employer” award, decided on by a professional jury, for companies that provide exemplary working conditions.

Benefit All

DUIHK vice president Péter Kásler pointed out that the organization has dealt with vocational training since its foundation 25 years ago. 

“We are convinced that a good, practice-oriented vocational training system can benefit everyone: the youth, because they are competitive; the companies as they get motivated and also trained staff; as well as society as a whole, because competitive companies and highly skilled workers contribute to stability and growing prosperity,” he stressed. 

He also noted that, in presenting the awards, the chamber hopes to gain wider publicity for projects and initiatives that promote practice-oriented domestic vocational training in a substantial and exemplary manner, and thereby encourage companies, not just members of the chamber, to actively engage in youth training.