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Croque Bourgogne lays cornerstone of escargot plant

Francesʼs Croque Bourgogne-IMOFI-Bourgogne Gastronomie group laid the cornerstone of a HUF 6.5 billion escargot processing and frozen pasta products plant in Kisvárda, northeast Hungary, on Friday, state news agency MTI reported.   

Minister of National Development Miklós Seszták noted that the plant would create 300 jobs.

Production will start in mid-2018, said Bernadett Kötél, managing director of Croque Bourgogneʼs local unit Bourgogne Gastronomie Kft. Output will be exported mainly to France, she added.

Bourgogne Gastronomieʼs Hungarian parent IMOFI already processes escargots at a plant in Zalaszentgrót, western Hungary. Some are collected in Hungary and others come from Romania, Belarus and Lithuania. Escargots are a protected species in Hungary and at most 2,000 tonnes can be harvested each year between April and mid-June.   

IMOFI had net revenues of EUR 4.3 million last year, public records show. The headcount at the company was 129.