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Crime wave spurs tobacco shop design rethink

The central government is set to ease the design requirements for tobacco stores as a response to the recent wave of robberies targeted at the units, commercial broadcaster RTL Klub has reported. 

The “trafiks” have recently become favored venues for holdups, since the required fully opaque window fronts – legally necessitated for the protection of minors – fully block seeing inside and thus create an easy situation for robbers.

Some 51 National Tobacco Shop outlets have been robbed since their opening in the summer. Earlier this week, local news outlets reported on the story of a unnamed 26-year-old arrested on suspicion of robbing three Pécs tobacco stores in three days.

Operators complained from the very launch of the system that without being able to see inside, a casualty of a violent robbery wouldn’t be able to receive help, because nobody would know outside that something happened.

-- David Landry contributed to this article