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Court allows Bige’s artificial fertilizer unit to resume operations

The Administrative and Labor Court of Debrecen has deferred a decision of the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Disaster Management Directorate to suspend the operating license of Bige Holdingʼs artificial fertilizer plant in Szolnok, which could result in production continuing this week, state news wire MTI reported Monday.

Bige Holding confirmed that the regulatory decision on the suspension of an operating license for the plant has been delayed, welcoming the decision as it could reduce damage to its employees and business partners.

The lawsuit concerning the legality of the Disaster Management Directorateʼs decision to suspend the operating license is still ongoing. The operating license was suspended in the first days of June because of alleged repeated compliance failure.

At the time, owner László Bige warned that he would shut the plant down permanently, resulting in a loss of some 250 jobs, if the situation were not resolved, hinting that he believed somebody was trying to get their hands on his factory, and that was the real reason behind his troubles.

Bige is the fifth richest Hungarian, according to MTI, with estimated assets of HUF 170 billion. In a statement issued earlier, Bige said that he considers the suspension an “oligarchic mafia attack,” news site noted.