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Combating COVID with a ʼbeauty treatmentʼ and an edible QR-menu

The Budapest Business Journal talks with Arany Kaviár co-owner and CEO Attila Molnár about the safety measures the restaurant, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, introduced in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, including creative solutions such as an edible QR-code menu.

BBJ: When reopening, what kind of measures did you take in the light of the coronavirus epidemic?

Attila Molnár: Obviously we have strict cleaning routines and we follow the professional recommendations as well. We have a new service, which we call Arany Kaviár Beauty Treatment. It is basically a full hand treatment at the very beginning of the dinner; a cleaning and sanitizing ritual with moisturizing in the end. 

BBJ: How did customers react to the introduction of delivery services?

AM: We are blessed with our amazing customers who had no doubt about our delivery services. They knew that it is a new challenge for us, but we will do our best to deliver a little Arany Kaviár to their home.

BBJ: How does "The first bite is the menu itself" concept work?

AM: It actually works very well. The customers enjoy it so much as it is fun to scan a food item to see the menu, isn’t it? It is a contact-less menu. Every customer receives a small welcome dish after the beauty treatment and there is an edible QR code printed "wafer" on it, which they can scan with their own mobile phone. We also have some iPads which we use for our beautiful wine list. They are easy to sanitize.

BBJ: Are there any new programs or services the restaurant offers during the summer season?

AM: We have a seasonal menu, which will be changed very soon as some of the early summer ingredients are not available anymore. It will be very exciting, just like our new rosé Champagne offer by the glass.

We celebrate our 30th birthday this year and although this situation ruined lots of our birthday celebration plans, we still have five months to go! We are working on a brand new menu which we are going to introduce in September. It will be a new tasting menu featuring the highlights of the last 30 years.