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Coca-Cola to offer more than 100,000 bottles of free Coke

Coca-Cola announced a national initiative aiming to support the reopening of Hungarian restaurants, bars, and cafés by offering more than 100,000 bottles of free Coca-Cola to the guests of almost 350 participating locations around the country on June 19, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The free bottles received a special design with a label that says, "Welcome back! This is our gift!"

The total value of the free drinks offered is HUF 50 million.

The company says that during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary, the consumption practically stopped at about three-quarters of Coca‑Cola partners selling immediate consumption products.

According to the press release, the gravity of the situation is indicated by the fact that more than 8,200 catering establishments did not order a single bottle of soft drink during the two months of the restrictions period due to lack of guests.

As a result of weak demand, Coca-Colaʼs sales in the HoReCa sector fell by half compared to last year.

The full list of partners participating in the companyʼs "First Coke is On Us" promotion is available here.