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Coca-Cola Hungary reduces shrink foil usage in glass product delivery

Coca-Cola Hungary reduced the amount of shrink foil used in the delivery of glass products to HoReCa units by 36%, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Coca-Cola Hungary says that this packaging innovation is an important stage for the company to pursue a circular economy and to achieve their World Without Waste vision. 

The company is aiming for a long-term solution to the mistreatment of plastic waste by creating a circular economy. The circle of collecting and recycling packaging materials is the most efficient way to manage packaging waste, so the company optimizes its processes according to this, and strives to reduce its environmental footprint through resource efficiency and packaging innovations.

According to the press release, with this approach, unnecessary or wasteful use of raw materials can be avoided, and materials within the circle can retain their value for a long time.

Thanks to the reduced use of stretch film, another 3.75 tons less waste is generated annually at Coca-Cola Hungaryʼs depots and wholesale partners, and new foil is made from the foil waste.