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CE On-Demand rebrands as Neostratus

The internationally recognised cloud enablement company, CE On-Demand, is proud to announce that the company is now officially rebranded as Neostratus.

The new brand aims to embody the company’s mission statement of creating cloud providers, while reflects the organisation’s global scale of business and commitment towards partner channel enablement. Neostratus carries on CE On-Demand’s corporate values, with management and shareholders remaining the same.
Neostratus derives from the compound neo – meaning ’new’, ’revived’, and stratus - cloud of a class characterized by a horizontal layer with a uniform base. The compound of these two words symbolises a corporate commitment towards creating ever newer and most innovative cloud platforms for the company’s strategic telecommunication service provider partners and direct customers, while delivering a continuous partner enablement program as well to help partners with go-to-market and advisory services.
Neostratus symbolizes the global nature of the cloud services industry, where innovative technology and business models have combined to change the way all companies big and small use Information Technology. The Neostratus brand provides a definitive leap onto the global scene of cloud delivery and the expression of the company’s commitment to further transform the market with innovative technology, cloud business models, and go-to-market strategies to improve the existing and future partners’ global IT landscape.
Viktor Kovács, Founder of the company’s predecessor, CE On-Demand, and CCO of Neostratus said: “Today is an important day in our company’s history. We started out as a boutique cloud provider based in Hungary back in 2008. Today the company has gained unprecedented international recognition for cloud brokerage and enablement delivered to Telcos and Systems Integrators in 16 countries with over 25 go-to-market partners, representing some of the best-known brands in the telecommunications and information technology space. I would like to thank all of our partners for their commitment to deliver world-class IT services in their markets, and trust in us as a key partner to achieve that.”
Tamás Soós, CEO of Neostratus added: “Our Company’s business depends on the success of our partners and customers. Therefore, it is essential for Neostratus to continue partner channel enablement with special focus on go-to-market and cloud advisory services. Neostratus stays to be a professional technology company, but at the same time we want to emphasize and build even more our soft skills and overall cloud advisory capabilities.”