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Business needs to change its sustainability vision

Sustainable decisions for businesses are perhaps some of the most discussed topics in the recent years, and Budapest welcomed the Central and Eastern European Regional Executive Consultation at an invitation of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH).

The main agenda of the event on February 25 was the role of companies in the implementation of Vision 2050 – a project originally launched in 2010 by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Its focus was directed towards improvements in people’s lives within the limitations of planet’s scarce resources.

However, according to Filippo Veglio, Director of WBCSD, “A number of topics have either increased in importance or emerged as critical new areas.” That has led to questions of the role of businesses and economies, therefore creating a need for Vision 2050 “to be updated.”

Attila Chikán Jr., the president of BCSDH, referred to the importance of revisiting and analyzing the shifts that had happened in variety of areas and creating a renewed business action and leadership plan for the next ten years.

“Now comes the decade of action and fulfillment,” Chikán said. “BCSDH will continue to play an important role in launching real action in the next decade that leads to a genuinely sustainable world,” he promised.

Irén Márta, managing director of the BCSDH said that the ideas and opinions of all of the member companies and partners of the organization will be taken into consideration in the updated Vision 2050, the expected release of which is planned for October 2020.