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Budapest Bank looking to ʼSpringboardʼ women in finance

Budapest Bank created the "Springboard, Budapest Bank: For Women in Finance" program 10 years ago to support women in gaining entrepreneurial skills, connect with them, and help them start and grow their businesses.

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As part of the program, a 12-day competency development training will be launched this spring, along with a Business Model Canvas course and a new digital competency training course, writes 

One of the most important elements of the Springboard Program is the 12-day Competency Development Training, which enables participants to acquire business, marketing, management, fundraising and taxation skills and develop their self-awareness, communication, and presentation skills.

Training for women entrepreneurs or women who want to become entrepreneurs is conducted in groups of 20 for six weeks, two days a week for a total of 90 hours. Applications are open until February 16.

Another important element of the Springboard Program is the one-day Business Model Canvas workshop, which is based on a worldwide business planning methodology. The workshop will give attendees a clear idea of their business, its causal relationships, and strategic errors. Registration is open until February 23, says.