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Budapest Airport expects maximum of 4 mln passengers this year

Operator Budapest Airport expects Ferenc Liszt Internationalʼs annual passenger traffic to amount to no more than 4 million this year, due to the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the aviation industry.

Image by Budapest Airport

According to a press release by the company, traffic at Ferenc Liszt International is continuously decreasing, due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the introduction of related travel and other restrictions.

Following the passenger traffic figure of slightly over 88,000 registered in September, the capital city airport handled a total of 62,816 arriving and departing passengers in October, down 95.7% compared to the same period last year. The average daily passenger number fluctuated between 1,500 and 3,000 in October, as opposed to 40,000-50,000 last year.

The airport operator expects a similar decrease in November while arguing that the Christmas period could bring a slight increase in December. This means that annual passenger traffic is likely to be no more than 4 million in 2020, the press release says.

Budapest Airport says that the companyʼs operation remains stable, adding that its financing is ensured.