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Budapest Airport announces management reshuffle

Budapest Airport Zrt., operator of Ferenc Liszt International Airport, said on Friday it is replacing its development and communications directors from July 1, state news agency MTI reported.

René Droese

René Droese, executive director in charge of property and cargo, will take over the duties of business development director from Stephan Schattney, adding to his tasks at the company.

Droese has worked at Budapest Airport for more than a decade and has over 25 years of experience in property and airport development.

Budapest Airport is also replacing communications director Mihály Hardy and government communications director Gábor Szarvas with the journalist and communications consultant Katalin Valentinyi. 

A week earlier, a government official gave a dressing-down to Budapest Airportʼs management for failing to complete a scheduled runway maintenance project on time. Because of the delay, traffic at the airport was shut down for about an hour and a half after a piece of concrete came loose on the other runway.

Speaking to pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet, Domonkos Schneller, deputy state secretary at the Prime Ministerʼs Office, called the management "amateur" and complained that comments on the airport shutdown online and on social media had hurt the image of Budapest and Hungary.

"If the management of a company that [reported] earnings of HUF 24 billion a couple of weeks ago canʼt complete such a simple, predictable and easy-to-plan maintenance job on time, itʼs frightening to think how theyʼd manage an unexpected event," Schneller told the paper.