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BSE announces changes to BUX, BUMIX indices

The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) announced on Friday changes to its main BUX index and its mid-cap BUMIX index following biannual reviews, state news wire MTI reported Monday.

Konzum and Wabererʼs will be added as new shares to the BUX basket from September 18. Plotinus shares will be removed from the BUX basket as the issuer failed to meet a minimum of three criteria for the second time.   

ELMŰ, ÉMÁSZ and Rába failed to meet the criteria for the first time, so their shares will remain in the BUX basket for now.   

From September 18, the index will contain the shares of ANY Security Printing Company, property holding Appeninn, insurer CIG Pannónia, electricity distributors ELMŰ and ÉMÁSZ, mortgage bank FHB, business park operator Graphisoft Park SE, holding company Konzum, Magyar Telekom, oil and gas company MOL, holding company OPUS, OTP Bank, alternative energy company PannErgy, automotive industry company Rába, drugmaker Gedeon Richter, road haulage company Wabererʼs, and distiller Zwack Unicum.   

Also from September 18, the shares of property company BIF, machine tool company Csepel Holding, energy efficiency company Enefi, Nordtelekom and Wabererʼs will be added to the BUMIX basket. The basket will also contain ANY, Appeninn, CIG Pannónia, Duna House, ELMŰ, ÉMÁSZ, FHB, Graphisoft Park, Konzum, OPUS, PannErgy, Plotinus, Rába, Wabererʼs and Zwack Unicum. 

Building materials maker Masterplast failed to meet the necessary criteria for the second time, so its shares will be removed from the BUMIX basket.