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BP Airportʼs Lammers named Expat CEO of the Year

Jost Lammers, who helped pilot Budapest Airport to new heights in both traffic and services, and Naoyuki Takeuchi, who helped drive Suzuki’s Vitara to the front of the pack in sales and production, were recognized for their contributions to Hungary at the Budapest Business Journal’s Expat CEO Gala last night.

Jost Lammers, right, and Naoyuki Takeuchi at last nightʼs awards ceremony. (Photo: Marianna Sárközy)

Lammers, CEO of Budapest Airport, was named the Expat CEO of the Year at the gala, which was organized by the BBJ in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), and hosted by the Corinthia Hotel. Lammers has overseen a complete remodeling of the airport, helping it to earn international recognition while also setting passenger records. Upon receiving his award last night, Lammers thanked his staff for helping bring increasing numbers of people to Budapest, a city that he said he loves. “I can promise that we will do all we can to promote this wonderful place,” Lammers said.

Takeuchi received the HIPA Local Partnership award, which recognizes his efforts to use Hungarian suppliers, from HIPA CEO Róbert Ésik. Appointed CEO of Magyar Suzuki earlier this year, Takeuchi has overseen the production and sales of the new Vitara, which quickly became one of the most popular cars in its class in Hungary. In accepting the honor, Takeuchi, formerly the head of purchasing and quality at Suzuki Hungary, spoke of the advantages of working with suppliers in this country and said he looks forward to further cooperation.

This was the second annual presentation of the BBJ Expat CEO award, which is given to the foreign CEO working and living in Hungary, who is considered to have done the most to contribute to the development of Hungarian economy and its international recognititon with their professionalism and dedicated work. The award and gala are also sponsored by PwC, Audi and PrimeTime communications.