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Bourgogne Gastronomie inaugurates HUF 6.5 bln plant

Bourgogne Gastronomie Kft., a French-owned company dealing with snail processing and the production of frozen pasta, has opened a HUF 6.5 billion plant in Kisvárda (293 km northeast of Budapest), news site reports.

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Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 12,000 square-meter facility, CEO Bernadett Kötél said there is very low demand for escargot (edible land snails) in Hungary, compared to the Francophone countries where escargot cooked with herbed butter is very popular.

The family-owned company will buy snails from Romania, Belarus and Lithuania, in addition to Hungary. Hungary has strict quantity restrictions of a maximum of 2,000 tonnes of live snails between April and June, of which Bourgogne Gastronomie plans to buy 400-500 tonnnes.