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Beer sales volume drops 7% yr/yr in April

Retail beer sales fell 7% in Hungary in volume terms in the twelve months to the end of April 2006 from a year earlier, market research company AC Nielsen said on Wednesday.

Turnover of the segment dropped 6% in value terms to Ft 100 billion. Sales of canned beer slipped to 51% of the total from 59% during the period, while sales of beer in glass bottles accounted for 47% of sales, up 7 percentage points.
AC Nielsen said 51% of canned beer was sold at supermarkets and discount stores, while 64% of bottled beer was sold in smaller shops with an area under 400 square meters.
The average price of bottled beer fell below the price of canned beer in April 2005, as a result of a product fee introduced in 2005. The average price of a half-liter bottle of beer fell from Ft 133 in December 2004 to Ft 125 in January 2006, while the price of the same amount of beer in a can rose from Ft 115 to Ft 132 during the same period.