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Beekeepers under pressure from Western reserves, Eastern prices

Falling prices and increasing competition from outside the European Union are worsening the position of Hungarian beekeepers, who trust that the EU will tighten the rules around the labeling of honey, writes Világgazdaság.

Calculated in euros, the purchase price of honey has fallen by 35-40% over the last 10 years, said Péter Bross, president of the Hungarian National Beekeeping Association (OMME).

"There is little interest in Hungarian honey among foreign buyers, so buying is practically suspended," Gyula Fazekas, president of the Hungarian Honey Traders and Honey Packers Association, told the economic daily.

Western European buyers have high unsold stocks, so many of them have indicated that they will no longer buy honey until next season. One of the main reasons for the current market situation for mixed honey is that Ukrainian goods arrive in the EU at a low price compared to Hungary, which makes it virtually impossible to sell Hungarian mixed honey on the foreign market, Fazekas lamented to