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ArchiCAD most popular BIM software in Hungary, GfK finds

Graphisoft Hungary’s Budapest-developed building information modeling (BIM) software ArchiCAD is known by 96% of architects and is currently used by 73% of them in Hungary, a representative survey conducted by market researcher GfK Hungária indicates, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The research found that 65% of architects are able to exploit all the features offered by BIM-based software, while more than 40% would enroll in related training or counseling.

The software is the best-known among contractors as well, although the majority of the latter use TERC or MS Office Project solutions, while only 35% use ArchiCAD for their everyday work. GfK found that BIM-based solutions have not yet sufficiently spread on the contractor market.

The survey found that one third of contractors do not exactly understand the BIM functions and almost 20% use software that does not offer model-based planning. Only 37% are able to use such functions in part or in their entirety.

ArchiCAD users appear to be satisfied with the software. Some 73% of the architects sampled in the representative research said they were entirely satisfied, while 23% were rather satisfied. Among contractors, 92% said they were satisfied and 8% rather satisfied.

GfK said that the majority of respondents claimed they have purchased the software and use it legally. Some 29% of the sampled architects said they pay for the software on a regular basis, almost half pay for it periodically, and 19% purchased the software once. Among contractors, 51% said they pay for the software regularly, 17% periodically, and 24% bought the software once and have been using it since.