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Aquathon, a new competition to solve water scarcity

The Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation and Design Terminal announced the launch of a new international idea competition called "Aquathon: Find a solution to save water!", organizers tell the Budapest Business Journal.

The competition is aimed at startups, college students and career beginners who offer a solution for widespread responsible water use, which can be scaled internationally. The participants will need to focus on solving the problem of daily eater wastage within a 24-hour hackathon.

Water management qualification or studies are not mandatory to be able to participate in the challenge.

Teams will get the chance to refine their ideas with the help of mentors and present them at the end of the competition to a jury of national and international professionals.

The event familiarizes competitors with an extremely intense, fast-paced development process, and will also feature thematic workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions. The first three winners will be offered an opportunity to continue realizing their innovation and will receive valuable prizes.

Registration for the event is open until March 1 on the event’s website. The stated goal of the hackathon is the future implementation of the chosen innovative solutions.

The competition will run between March 26-27.

Organizers say that by the middle of the century, more than half of the global population will face the issue of water scarcity, accompanied by growing urbanization which will create an unprecedented demand for reliable, secure water supply.