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Apollo starts production of truck tires in Hungary

Tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein announced that its Apollo plant in Hungary has begun the production and shipment of truck tires, with the first order of Apollo 385/65 R22.5 Endurance RT HD type tires to be used by a Belgian construction goods transportation firm.

Apollo Tyresʼ plant in Gyöngyöshalász (72 km northeast of Budapest) already started production of tires for cars last year. The EUR 475 million plant has reached a new milestone, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Apollo Vredestein began the distribution of tires for trucks in 2017. Its first country of focus was Belgium, where the company currently has a market share of 2.1%, hence the country being the destination of the first shipment from Hungary.

"Before deciding to get them, we put the tires under rigorous testing, and the results showed the characteristics of a first-class tire. The overwhelming majority of our trucks are now equipped with Apolloʼs tires. We are very satisfied with the price-value ratio of Apollo tires," Patrick and Danny Piessens, owners of the Piessens & Zonen transit company, were quoted as saying.

With the help of its European clients, Apollo has already tested its tires for trucks on more than 300 million kilometers. The testing revealed favorable endurance characteristics, says the press release, adding that the tires are characterized by moderate rolling sound emission as well as excellent grip. All manufactured truck tires have at least a grade "C" in fuel efficiency and "A" in usage in wet conditions.