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Alphagon Offices Achieves German ‘Gold’ Accreditation

The Central Europe developer Teichmann & Compagnons has been awarded ÖGNI “Gold” pre-certification for its 4,700 sqm Alphagon Offices, the second level of certification after “Platinum” in the third-party sustainability accreditation system.

Alphagon Offices.

The DGNB-ÖGNI sustainability accreditation system was established in Germany and Austria and is, therefore, the organization of choice for developers and building-owners in German speaking countries, but is currently very much in a minority in the Budapest office market.  

“The certification creates added-value for a building by creating environmentally and resource effective buildings. This impacts on economic and social efficiency,” said the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate.

In Budapest, however, most developers and building owners tend to opt for the U.K.-based BREEAM or the U.S.-based LEED accreditation systems.

According to the Hungarian Green Building Council (HuBC) around 2% of new office buildings and 1% of operating buildings are registered with DGNB-ÖGNI. This compares to BREEAM with more than 20% of new operating buildings and over 40% of operating buildings accredited to the system.

The DGNB-ÖGNI system is seen by its supporters as being based on Central European regulations and values, and as focusing on the life-cycle of a building.

Construction of the speculative Alphagon Offices, located in District XI, started in 2011, is due to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Healthy Environment

“Our aim is to provide a healthy environment incorporating nature at all levels of the planning and construction phase. Today more tenants wish to be closer to nature and realize that the office environment affects their everyday life and also their business prospects,” said Richard Teichmann, general manager at Teichmann & Compagnon.

The complex, designed by András Reith and his team, at the time with András Debrezeni as the lead architect, includes terraces (among them one on the rooftop), is within walking distance of a metro and provides access by a bicycle track.

Reichmann & Compagnons Property Networks previously worked on the Oktogon Ház office complex in Budapest, in addition to the redevelopment of historic buildings such as Andrássy 93, Báthory 12 and Piarist Central. In addition, the company has developed the Eco-Point office center in Kosice and is developing the Meridian 16 Logistics & Business Park in Croatia, providing the infrastructure for logistics companies.