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Aldi expands intʼl IT support in Hungary

Declaring itself "extremely satisfied" with the quality of IT support in Hungary, German discount supermarket chain Aldi on Thursday said it is expanding its international IT support services in this country by opening a new office with a staff of at least 50 in Pécs (SW Hungary), state news wire MTI reported.  

Aldi is establishing a separate company, Aldi International IT Services Kft., to provide IT support for some 3,700 Aldi stores across Europe, MTI reported.

Aldi Süd started operating an international IT support center in Biatorbágy, on the outskirts of Budapest, early in 2013. The center, which operates as a department of Aldi Magyarország, now employs a staff of almost 100.

Aldi Süd said it is "extremely satisfied" with the "outstanding quality" of the IT support it gets from Hungary, which is why it decided to establish a unit of its global IT support center in the country.

The Hungarian service desk will provide mainly first-level IT support, but may also offer second-level support in some instances. Support will be provided in German, English, Italian, Slovenian and French, in addition to Hungarian.