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Agrarian solution wins at Szeged IoT Hackathon

T-Systems Hungary, Kitchen Budapest (KiBu), and the University of Szeged organized a 24-hour IoT Hackathon in Szeged on April 26-27, with an agrarian solution against codling moths, a major pest, triumphing at the end of the event.

The winning teams with their prizes

With their mentors from the University of Szeged, T-Systems and KiBu, teams of 2-5 people worked on their ideas using the possibilities provided by narrowband internet (NB-IoT) technology,  says a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The organizers were looking for creative ideas in two prioritized areas: the world of IoT sensors for monitoring lifestyles, vital parameters and the environment; and agriculture, where systems based on intelligent sensors collecting data on living organisms represent one of the most important fields of application, according to the press release.

Among the nine teams that qualified for the finals, there were a number of ideas in both areas. Two teams came up with smart beehive concepts, while others developed solutions for health monitoring and accident forecasting. The winning team, however, managed to come up with a forecasting system for the swarming period of codling moths.

Codling moths are one of the most significant "enemies" of apple orchards, with their larvae being the main cause of maggoty apples causing fruit to fall off early and rendering harvested apples unusable, the press release says. The winning NB-IoT idea enables optimization of precautionary measures, reducing the amount of chemicals needed and contributing to predictable, sustainable production.

"We have witnessed a very fierce competition because every finalist team has come up with a very creative idea," said Klementina Krégl, head of T-Systemsʼ innovation competence center. "Of these, really valuable solutions were created within 24 hours. We are proud that such innovative young people have scaled their skills, and we are confident that we could contribute to the development of a long-term community and the opportunities offered by IoT technology."

The winning teams received total prize money of HUF 1.2 million, in addition to the sensor kit they used during the event, and several teams will have the opportunity to further enhance their ideas with the support of experts from KiBu and T-Systems.