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AAA Auto sold 4,650 used cars in Hungary in 2016

AAA Auto’s local subsidiary sold 4,650 used cars in Hungary last year, up by approximately 33% compared to 3,500 in the previous year, the car dealer told the Budapest Business Journal today. 

In Hungary, Opels, Suzukis and Fords remain the top three most popular brands with used car buyers, compared to Škodas, VWs and Fords in most other AAA Auto markets, the firm said. While the Opel Astra, Suzuki Swift and Ford Focus remain the top three most popular models, the Astra became marginally less popular during 2016, while the other two models have become more attractive. Ford was also able to supplant VW among Hungary’s most popular brands in 2016, exceeded only by Opel and Suzuki.

Globally, AAA Auto Group sold a total of 69,000 used cars through its 40 branches in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. “Total sales for the AAA Auto Group during 2016 are currently 69,000 cars, which is a 9.1% increase compared to last year,” said Karolína Topolová, managing director of AAA Auto International. 

AAA Auto offered a total of approximately 14,000 cars a day in four countries this year, with nearly 1,000 of these cars offered for sale in Hungary.