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Three-day VinCE show celebrates wine

The VinCE Budapest Wine Show 2018, held April 5-7 in Budapest, offered master courses and other learning opportunities to visitors, including presentations on Champagne, volcanic and biodynamic wines.

One of the most renowned authorities in the world of Champagne, Tom Stevenson, held two master courses and a sold-out presentation on rosé Champagnes, where the most valuable Champagnes at the event were opened, the 2004 Roederer Cristal Rosé Magnums worth nearly HUF 300,000 per bottle, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Some 15 master courses over the three days presented not only French Champagnes, but also Spanish Cavas and Italian Proseccos, as well as timely topics such as volcanic wines, which were presented by one of the most recognized international experts in the field, Master Sommelier John Szabo.

Wine writer Monty Waldin delivered an introduction into the world of biodynamic wines, while the world of Super Tuscan wines, a prime example of the success of international grape varieties in traditional wine regions, was presented by Master of Wine Peter McCombie.

Several wineries timed the launch of new wines for the VinCE Budapest Wine Show. Among these, in the year of the Kékfrankos (Lemberger), the loudest noise was made by the most valuable Kékfrankos from the highest-situated vineyard in the country, the 2008 Grand Bleu of the Kovács Nimród Winery.

During the three days of the event, four speed tastings were also held where visiting foreign traders and buyers could taste more than 120 Hungarian wines. A highlight of this year’s VinCE show was the V4 wine competition, where an international panel specializing in the region judged wines selected by Czech, Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian experts.

During the three days of the VinCE Budapest Wine Show, wines worth nearly HUF 20 million were poured into more than 9,000 glasses. Winemakers opened some 3,000 bottles of their best wines for 6,000 gourmet wine lovers.