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Taxi apps gaining popularity in Budapest

While the majority of people in Budapest still order taxis over the phone, mobile apps are gaining traction, with the average fare amounting to HUF 3,000, according to a survey carried out for major city taxi company Főtaxi.

One taxi trip lasts 7 kilometers on average, the survey found. More than half of respondents said they use a taxi at least once a year.

The majority of respondents have one or two travel-related apps dowloaded to their phones. The most popular such app is Google Maps, followed by traffic monitoring programs and public transport information app BKK-futár.

About 26% of thoee surveyed have an app on their devices which is designed specifically for ordering taxis. More than two-thirds of those who have such apps say that one of the most important benefits is being able to see when the car arrives.

The most important expectations with respect to taxi apps are accuracy and reliability. This is followed by the speed of the taxiʼs arrival to the pickup location and an easy-to-use platform.

Interestingly, there is a significant difference in the priorities of different generations. Some 72% of Generation Y users named speed the most important aspect, while most Generation X respondents prioritize easy usability and being able to calculate the expected costs of the trip.

Főtaxi also announced adding new features to its app. By turning on "silent driver," the customer can discreetly indicate that he or she does not want to chat with the driver during the trip. There is also a new coupon management system, and the user can also communicate with the driver through the app while waiting for their cab, in order to specify details of the pickup location.

"With these new features, the pressure on the dispatch center will ease as well, so even those who stick to ordering by phone will get their taxis faster," said Zsolt Angyal, CEO of Főtaxi.