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Tarlós orders review of bids in Chain Bridge tender

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós has ordered a review of bids submitted in tenders for the renovation of the capitalʼs landmark Chain Bridge and Széchenyi István tér, as well as the refurbishment of the tunnel that runs under the Castle District, state news wire MTI reported.

Tarlós told pro-government commercial broadcaster HírTV that the tender committee was unlikely to accept the bids, but if they did, he would veto the decision.

"Thereʼs no need to worry, weʼll renovate the Chain Bridge and the surrounding area, but you can forget these prices," he said.

Tarlós suggested that a negotiated procedure could be launched for the projects.

The Center for Budapest Transport (BKK) announced the bids it received in the tenders on Friday.

The BKK said it received bids to renovate the Chain Bridge and Széchenyi István tér from DÖMPER (HUF 28.0 billion), STR Mély- és Magasépítő (HUF 27.2 bln), Közgép (HUF 25.9 bln), and A-Híd Építő (HUF 24.6 bln).

Bids to refurbish the tunnel also came from the same companies: A-Híd Építő (HUF 11.2 bln), DÖMPER (HUF 10.6 bln), Közgép (HUF 9.9 bln), and STR Mély- és Magasépítő (HUF 11.2 bln).