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Report: Budapest public transport plans ‘surprise’ strike

Workers of Budapest Transport Company (BKV) have set up a strike committee and are preparing to strike after not receiving a pay rise for an extended period, and hearing news of the companyʼs plans to carry out additional layoffs, according to Hungarian online daily

Bus stop near Keleti Railway Station. (Photo: LaMography/Moni Lazar)

Workers claim that the company is already short staffed, forcing remaining employees to work in a way that may be in violation of internal regulations. According to information gathered by, the strike committee is planning a “surprise type of strike” to signal their dissatisfaction towards management, who have been informed on several occasions about poor working conditions, but have failed to act, Gábor Nemes, chairman of unified transport union EKSZ said.

According to Nemes, the strike could be nation-wide, and, although he did not provide any details, it is anticipated that the strike is likely to gain the support of public transport passengers rather than incite anger towards BKV employees, reported.

The workers of Hungarian state-owned railway company MÁV may also go on a strike in the near future, added, after the workers union and MÁV were unable to reach an agreement on workerʼs salaries since negotiations began in November.