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Police target downtown Budapest

Between June 18 and June 20, a public order and crime prevention campaign was held in downtown Budapest, reports Világgazdaság. Police identified nearly 900 people and inspected 90 cars during the operation.

Image by LaMography/Moni Lazar

During the measures, eight people were arrested for harassment, two for drug trafficking, six for possession of drugs, and four were arrested on the basis of a warrant. Three drivers were arrested for drunk driving, two for driving while disqualified, and three were reported for unauthorized vehicle modifications. ű

A total of 93 commercial units were inspected and five cases were reported for violations of public land use rules. Fines worth a cumulative HUF 760,000 was imposed 28 times for consuming alcohol in public areas.

In the coming period, the Budapest Police Headquarters will continue its series of criminal and law enforcement actions affecting the downtown region of the capital at unannounced times, notes.