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Police look to increase presence in party zone districts

Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said Hungarian police have 35 vacant positions in District 6, and 32 in District 7, both popular areas of the capital for night life, online news portal reported.

Pintér emphasized that “maintaining public security is a joint task of the police force and the reinforcing riot police bodies.” He added that police ensure a continuous public presence not only in the two inner districts considered party zones but right across Budapest. Each district has the necessary staff to perform duties effectively, he said.

The so-called party zone is an increasing concern for residents struggling with late-night loud music, expanded crowds of tourists and both real and fake drug trade, noted. And yet, in a 2018 referendum that proposed closing bars in District 7 at midnight, less than 16% of the electorate voted, rendering the results invalid even if they were in favor of stricter regulation.