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Palatinus, Dagály and Paskál lidos open beach season

This year’s "beach" season will start this Saturday, April 27, with the opening of the Palatinus, Dagály and Paskál lidos, current affairs site reported on Thursday.

The Dagály lido

Árpád Forrásfürdő (formerly the Csillaghegy lido) is expected to open from May 18, while traditional summer lidos Római Strandfürdő and Pünkösdfürdő will open on June 2 and June 15, respectively.

The recently inaugurated spa of Pesterzsébet will be open to the public from the second half of June, featuring a renovated wave bath, children’s pool and pleasure pool.

The association of Budapest spas said prices will go up by an average of HUF 100 this year, reported.