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Museum of Fine Arts offers peek of renovated Romanesque Hall

Budapestʼs Museum of Fine Arts will open its Romanesque Hall to the public, restored to its former glory after an HUF 8.3 billion renovation, for two weeks from March 15, museum and government officials announced on Monday, state news wire MTI reported.

The exterior of the museum from Heroesʼ Square (photo: Marc Ryckaert/ Wikipedia).

The almost 900 square-meter Romanesque Hall, which has been closed since the end of WWII, when it was damaged extensively, is the centerpiece of a HUF 15 bln upgrade the museum is undergoing. The museum has been closed during the renovations, which began early in 2015. It will reopen on October 25, 2018.

About 70 restoration experts worked for a year to repair and repaint the 2,500 sqm of walls in the Romanesque Hall. They used almost 100 kilograms of pigment and 5.5 kg of gold for the project.

The entire renovation project affects about 40% of the museumʼs 14,000 sqm.  The general contractor for the renovation of the Romanesque Hall is Magyar Építő.