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More than 600 turn out to protest Liget Budapest Project

More than 600 people took part in a demonstration yesterday to protest plans to transform Városliget (City Park) into a museum quarter, and protest organizers said the area should instead be turned into a “real park”, according to a press release issued by Greenpeace and “Ligetvédők”.

An illustration of the plan for the museum quarter in the Városliget.

Ligetvédők members say that Városliget is the world’s first public park, and that rather than building museums there, the city should maintain and renovate the parkʼs green spaces.

In October, the government announced approval for HUF 200 billion plan Liget Budapest Project that would entail breaking up the layout of the park and building five new museum structures.

The organizers of the protest estimate that some of the buildings will be upwards of 30-40 meters tall and will increase the built-up space within the park from 5.7% to 12%. The development would also require the removal of a number of trees to make room for buildings and utility infrastructure, the press release added.

Moving museums from the Buda Castle District will create room for a number of government offices there, and the government has already announced plans to locate the prime ministers’ office and various other ministries in the Castle District.