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Mayor: BP could receive HUF 400-500 bln in EU funds

Budapest could receive HUF 400-500 bln in direct European Union funding, “rather than zero”, over the next seven years, as the new EU budgetary situation has "drastically changed" in the past week, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós told commercial broadcaster RTL II late Friday.

He cited “the most direct source” for his “good news”, however, he did not disclose further details before “the facts are sealed in a document”. Speaking about the city's current affairs, Tarlós said the three most important issues to be tackled include transportation, homelessness and flood protection against the Danube's rising water levels.

Regarding the upgrade recently initiated in Budapest’s key metro line 3, Tarlós said that "it seems that we are now going to receive help from the government", and added that Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised that the state would not acquire the capital's utilities companies during the government's current cycle.