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Kalunba to organize Hungarian language classes for expats

Kalunba, an organization dedicated to providing assistance to refugees, is to organize language courses for the expat community, as its funding dwindles.

According to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal, Kalunba Social Services Non-profit Ltd. has been conducting integration programs for refugees since it was set up in Hungary in 2014. The organization describes its profile as “strengthening a culture of tolerance, promoting human rights, and protecting minorities”. 

The main source of Kalunba’s funding had been the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) before the Hungarian program’s website announced that all calls providing support to refugees were cancelled. As the organization says it lacks any alternative government funding, Kalunba decided to look for other options in order to be able to continue its charity-related activities. 

“Kalunba will only be able to continue its most essential activities if we find a way of making our accredited Hungarian language classes available for members of the expat community as well,” the press release says.  

According to the organization, both traditional and “movie night” courses will be offered to expats in Downtown Budapest. The applicants will be able to choose between three difficulty levels, ranging from “beginner” to “superhero”.  

For more information or to register for the lessons, contact