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Jobbik spokesman: Gay Pride fest ‘provocative’

The Budapest Gay Pride festival, which is running until Sunday, is a “provocation against the majority”, Ádám Mirkóczki the spokesman of the right-wing Jobbik party said speaking in front of the Toldi cinema. He insisted that the festival is “shameful” and that public facilities and that it brings shame to public facilities that are being used for “perverted” functions.

Mirkóczki added the Pride March, the traditional closing event of the festival, costs Hungarian taxpayers “HUF ten millions” each year and it even “freezes traffic” in Budapest.

Jobbik finds it “appalling” that the embassies of 20 countries voiced support for the festival, and “some of them even spend money on this deviance,” Mirkóczki said.

A joint press release issued on Tuesday by the Embassies of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US began with the words: "On the occasion of the 19th Budapest Pride Festival, we convey our support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in Hungary and their right to express themselves peacefully and lawfully."

The Gay Pride is taking place in Budapest for the 19th time in Hungary this Sunday (July 6).