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Islamic culture center to open in Budapest

Workers have been busy for months at an address on Gutenberg tér in Budapest’s District 8 to complete what will reportedly be an Islamic culture center, according to a report on, the website of private TV channel ATV.

The Gutenberg Otthon, a historical building dominating the square where the new Islamic culture center is being prepared. (Photo: Wikimedia)

The Józsefváros Local Council told that the property in the apartment house at Gutenberg tér 1 was bought at auction in 2014 by a private individual for HUF 30 million, and that to their knowledge the Charity Peace Foundation – a religious and educational foundation representing adherents of the Muslim faith in Hungary – plans to open a cultural center in the building.

Local residents in the neighborhood and workers told that they believe the building will house a Muslim prayer house, but the council denied any knowledge of this. noted that the building is located opposite the Budapest University of Jewish Studies, a rabbinical seminary. 

The president of the board of trustees at the Charity Peace Foundation, who was not named in the report, told that the property will not contain a typical prayer house, but a cultural center with a gallery. The source added that the site will host various exhibitions, conferences, meetings and clubs for both men and women.