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Harsh winter weather set to stay

Although temperatures seem to be moderating somewhat compared to the weekend, extreme low temperatures are still expected this week, with blizzards, high winds and freezing, according to forecasts by the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) widely reported today.

Ice floes on the River Danube (photo: MTI/Balázs Mohai).

Although slightly warmer than the weekend, when a record low of -28.1 Celsius was measured in the village of Tésa in northern Hungary, while a new record of -18.6C was also set at the airport in Budapest on Sunday, this week will continue to see heavy winds, blizzards and extreme low temperatures, according to reports.

Although it will be sunny in many places today, heavy winds and blizzards may persist around the country with temperatures falling below -20 Celsius in some places. The weather is expected to remain similar for the rest of the week, with temperatures between -5 Celsius and -15 Celsius during the day, and around -20 Celsius in some places at night.

It has been so cold lately that Lake Balaton has frozen, although the ice cover is reportedly not thick enough for people to walk and skate on the lake. 

Many of the country’s rivers have also been frozen in parts, according to reports, with ice floes seen on the River Danube.