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Getting a cab gets harder in December

The number of taxis operating in Budapest has grown recently but despite this, customers will need to wait longer for a cab in December. Operators recommend using online apps for ordering, the president of the National Taxi Association (OTSz) told business daily Világgazdaság.

Taxi services this month will not be different from previous years, which means that customers will face delays in getting a cab in December, OTSz President Zoltán Metál told Világgazdaság.

Reaching dispatchers by telephone will take longer, therefore it is recommended to order a taxi via a mobile application. Although this will not make it easier to get a cab, at least customers will not have to wait for someone to pick up the phone, noted Metál.

Compared to an average day, orders in December can be 15-20% higher, which is due to company Christmas parties but also to people shopping in malls for Christmas presents. Operators recommend pre-ordering cars, as the waiting time can be 8-12 minutes, compared to 5-6 minutes normally.