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Gellért Hill funicular moves closer to realization

Preparations for the construction of a funicular that will bring visitors to the top of Budapestʼs Gellért Hill, could be completed in "the coming weeks or months", project company SIKLÓ-BERUHÁZÓ said on Wednesday, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

Photo by Elena Kirey /

The company noted that the government declared its support for the project in a resolution dated July 10. The project is also backed by the mayor of Budapest and the mayor of the capitalʼs District I, where the hill, which towers over the banks of the Danube at a relative height of 130 m, is located, it added.

The funicular will start from a 100 m-long tunnel in the Tabán neighborhood, then run along a series of towers all the way to the Citadella, at the top of the hill, reducing or even replacing the stream of tourist buses that make the ascent at present, SIKLÓ-BERUHÁZÓ said.

SIKLÓ-BERUHÁZÓ is in the process of extending the construction permits for the project and updating a contract with the Budapest municipal council signed back in 2009.