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GE leaders come together to volunteer in Budapest

Some 350 leading GE Global Operations executives set out across Budapest last week to lend their knowledge and skills in an annual volunteering event. The corporate leaders, who come from 26 various countries, spent the day cleaning up parts of the city and helping those in need. 

The GE Global Operations Center in Budapest serves as a multicultural hub, employing individuals from throughout Europe and Russia. Since it opened in 2014, the center has grown to approximately 2,000 employees who work in various fields such as commercial, finance, human resources and customs. The company emphasizes multiculturalism and puts a great deal of focus on volunteer gatherings and interactions within the local community. 

“Volunteer programs, such as the social event organized this year within the framework of the annual meetings of Global Operations, contribute to make the support of societies an everyday part of the job done by our colleagues. We plan to imply pro bono activities into the leader’s program since it makes CSR a basic expectation for our leaders,” said general manager Bjorn Bergabo. 

On March 7, the 350 GE executives split into eight groups and set out to complete various volunteer tasks, including feeding the homeless with the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, organizing skill-training exercises for individuals with Down sydnrome, and renovating the courtyard and stage door of the Radnóti Theater. With the help of the director of the theater, Adél Kováts, along with other actors, the GE leaders cleaned, painted and set up plants in the courtyard, giving the circa-1985 building a much needed facelift. 

“I consider GE’s initiation unique, I think that theater essentially contributes to the mental health of our society, to well-being, thus help given to the theater extends beyond its walls,” Kováts commented.