About two-thirds of Hungarians would not work after retirement age even for higher pay, a survey by human resources services company Randstad shows.


    Asked whether they would work after retirement if they received a 5 percent pay rise, 30 percent of Hungarians responded positively.


    Just 18 percent of all respondents said they would work after retirement, well under the 55% of Brits or the 62% of Poles.


    Randstad said 2,430 Hungarians between the ages of 18 and 65 who work at least 24 hours a week responded to the survey.


    In June, Hungary’s parliament approved a constitutional amendment that allows early retirement pensions to be eliminated and replaced with social allowances.


    The government recently announced plans to raise the country’s workforce participation rate from 55 percent at present to 65 percent, then to around 75 percent.