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Commuters sweat as AC breaks down on Budapest buses

Despite the suffocating heat of recent days, air conditioning systems do not work on a high number of public transport buses in the capital, news site reported Tuesday, citing information provided by Közlekedő Tömeg, a Hungarian civil blog. 

Photo: LaMography/Moni Lazar

The blog notes that temperatures in excess of 36 degrees Centrigrade measured on select buses are in line with the complaints. Furthermore, users of "Tudatos Közlekedő" (Conscious Commuter), the blogʼs online platform for public transport complaints, also confirm their data.

The report adds that as many as 381 buses this year were mentioned on the complaint platform by different individuals, independently of each other.

The civil group received the most reports about AC problems regarding buses on lines 5, 7, 9, 4-6, 200E, 136E, 194M, 223M, 32, and 21.