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Budapest Airport to close Runway 2 for two months

Budapest Airport, operator of Ferenc Liszt International Airport, has announced that the facility will operate using only one runway from mid-April to early June, due to works related to the Instrument Landing System (ILS) on Runway 2.

Runway 2 in its current condition

The modernization of the ILS on Runway 2 will assist pilots in successfully approaching the landing strip even at night or in poor visibility conditions, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The airport says that during the modernization of the system, several other improvements will be made, such as surface repairs, cleaning and fixing of the water drainage system, and modernization of lighting equipment, among other measures. The new ILS will represent the last step of the modernization of the airportʼs runways, in progress since 2015.

While the runway is closed, there will be no traffic in the skies above Rákoshegy (District XVII), but there will be more planes approaching over the towns of Vecsés and Üllő. Budapest Airport says that the works will be completed before the summer peak in air traffic.

Before closing Runway 2, Budapest Airport will prepare Runway 1 for two months of continuous operation. The maintenance works were set to start today, March 18, and last until March 27; Runway 1 will be closed during these nine days.