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Advocate says 2028 Budapest Olympics possible

If there is continued economic growth and fiscal discipline, Hungary has a realistic chance of hosting the 2028 Olympic Games, head of the Budapest Olympics Movement (BOM) Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy told weekly Figyelő.

The head of the foundation said that Budapest should submit an application for the 2024 Games at the nearest possible time, in 2015, since even though it won’t win that time around, it will nonetheless bring a wealth of experience that will certainly help an actual bid.

Nonetheless, if the country wants to host the games in the distant future, it should already designate facilities and areas where the events will be concentrated, he said.

Szalay-Berzeviczy reckons that the Orbán administration has been generous in the area of sport, and that the planned upgrades to Budapest’s central swimming pool in advance of the 2017 FINA World Championship and revitalization of uskás Ferenc Stadium will help buoy an Olympic bid.

At present, Busan, Manila, Brisbane, Melbourne, Thessaloniki, Nairobi, Amsterdam/Rotterdam and Seattle/Vancouver are thought to be considering bidding to host the world's biggest sporting event, with Casablanca, St. Petersburg, Guadalajara and Los Angeles also possibilities. Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit has also stated that the 2024 or ’28 Games “would be of interest” to his city “if the application was supported by the whole of Germany and by the German Olympic Sports Confederation.”

– Material by Gergő Rácz was used in this report