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Women and Science in Marie Curie year

A two-day event is to be held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and the French Institute, dedicated to getting more women involved in education, research and business, as part of the Marie Skłodowska Curie memorial year.  

A conference entitled “Women and Science” will be held at the academy (Széchényi István tér 9) on Friday in English and Hungarian with simultaneous translation. Highlights include a keynote speech by Paris-based cancer specialist Patrizia Peterlini-Bréchot, and a presentation by Nikoletta Szabó of the University of Szeged with the provocative title “The human brain: Are men and women different?” 

The day before (October 26) will see a screening at the French Institute (Fő utca 17) of the drama “Marie Curie: the Courage of Knowledge,” in partnership with the Polish Institute. The film will be in French with English subtitles and simultaneous Hungarian translation. 

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