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Taszár might attract Chinese investors

Taszár Airport, formerly used by US forces as a logistics base, may be sold to Chinese investors, Magyar Nemzet reported. The paper quoted László Vékony, managing director of Taszár Airport, as saying that the development plans for the facility would be included in the agenda of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, due to start a visit to Beijing this week. The paper reiterated that Regional Development Minister István Kolber and Zhu Zushou, China's ambassador to Hungary, had recently met at the site and surveyed the airport together. In July, the Hungarian Armed Forces announced that they would shut down the air base before the end of the year and hand it over to relevant local governments free of charge. The facility, a one-time Soviet military base, was used by US forces between 1995 and 2003 as a logistics base for operations in Bosnia and Kosovo.