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Szeged bypass tender won

The consortium of Hódmezovásárhely-based Hódút Kft and Debrecen-based Debmut Rt won the tender for the construction of the second stage of the bypass around Szeged. The winners had offered to build the 3.3 km long section at a price of net Ft 1.6 billion. Constructions are expected to be finished in May 2006. The first section of the whole motorway was inaugurated last December. It was 2.2 km long and cost Ft 1.5 billion and the construction company was Hódút Kft. Once the second phase is completed, two thirds of the whole project will have been realized, and as a result, trucks heading for the South can avoid Szeged, the airport, the M5, the RO-LA terminal providing an opportunity for railway transport of trucks and the future logistics center will be inter-connected. (NG 8) K.H.