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Standing out in the crowd

Early November will see regional marketers and brand strategists come together in Budapest for the third annual regional summit of the Professional Marketing Forum Central and Eastern Europe (PM Forum CEE). At the conference, representatives of multinational consulting and advisory firms active in various sectors, including accountancy, law and property, will address issues of marketing and brand positioning for professional service firms who possess both global reach and strong local markets.
In this week?s cover story spread, the BBJ examines how competing global service providers battle with each other at country level, and indeed, how they differentiate themselves from one another in increasingly crowded and homogenous markets.
On the human resources side, meanwhile, multinational service groups are much sought after by would-be graduates as an ideal start on a career path for any budding global business executive; it?s therefore no real surprise that such firms tend to snap up the best graduates all over the world. With this in mind, we also look at how local lawyers, in particular, are using their experience gained with international firms, which they may often join straight from college, to help launch their own niche legal offices several years down the line.